About us

About Us

It’s known fact that genetics is the most common cause for hair loss. So, why are we still treating every patient the same way!? This is question that lead Dr. Jobby John down the path to starting Nimbus Healthcare in 2019.
Dr. John drew on his experience as a compounding pharmacist and worked with leading expert in the field of genetics and hair loss to create a platform that would provide tailored treatment plans to treat patients based on their genetics.
Nimbus healthcare was founded to bridge the current gap in digital healthcare and personalized medicine. Hair loss was the most obvious condition that we could think of at Nimbus that needed a personalized approach, but since then we have realized the need for it in everyday health problems such as sexual dysfunction, abnormal skin conditions, and many more.
At Nimbus we understand that not all patients are the same and our mission is to make high quality personalized healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

Meet the Experts

Designed and vetted by our team of leading experts in men’s health

Dr. Richard Harris, MD, PharmD, MBA

Nimbus Physician, Integrative & Sports Medicine

Dr. Philip Oubre, MD

Nimbus Physician, Integrative Medicine Specialist

Dr. Tobin Lim , MD

Nimbus Physician, Cardiovascular Specialist

Dr. Jobby John PharmD, FACA

Nimbus Founder, Pharmacist