5 Things That Speed Up Hair Loss

Are you one of the 50 million men in the U.S. that is living with hair loss? If so, the wait for the right personalized treatment just for you is over! Male pattern baldness (MPB), also known as androgenetic alopecia, affects two-thirds of U.S. men and is not a single-cause condition. At Nimbus Healthcare, we use advanced at-home tests that you can send in for personalized medicine to treat your specific condition. Here, we pride ourselves on helping the American man reclaim their hair by treating the numerous causes of the condition rather than just decreasing the symptoms.  

What Causes Hair Loss

As mentioned above, MPB is not a simple condition; not only does it present itself differently in most individuals, it can be caused by something different in everyone. Your genes have a major role in hair loss, with over 280 DNA regions that can affect hair growth and loss. This means that everyone’s condition is unique and should not be treated as such.

While genetics may predispose you to developing hair loss, many lifestyle factors can also speed up the process. Poor diet, use of harsh chemicals, stress, and pollution all contribute to faster hair loss. Engaging in a healthier diet, avoiding products with harmful ingredients, and moving towards an overall stress-free lifestyle can all help slow the progression of hair loss. The lifestyle and genetic pieces commonly come together to affect your hormones, called androgens (hence the name androgenetic alopecia). The main hormone responsible for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is the more active and powerful form of testosterone that aids in many male characteristics (including hair growth) except for hair on the scalp. However, low normal testosterone can also contribute to MPB.

These are all important causes and must be evaluated in each individual person. Unfortunately, we know stopping hair loss is not always possible on your own. Some of your genes allow these factors to make a stronger affect on the hair cycle and can be identified through our tests. Identify the cause, and find the most appropriate treatment!

What You Can Do

Regardless of severity or cause, Nimbus Healthcare has a treatment available for you. Whether you are experiencing the traditional horseshoe pattern baldness or general thinning of your hair, get your advanced at-home testing kit with our Nimbus Hair DNA Test. Your results will display the genetic basis of your hair loss and help determine which treatments your body will actually respond to. Hair loss is not and has never been a one-size fits all condition. So why are the current medications this way? You deserve personalized treatments from a respected medical team that cares about you as an individual. So, why wait? Contact us and start now!

Aria Hastings

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