5 Signs That You Might Have Low Testosterone

Here at Nimbus Healthcare, we care about the concerns of the American man. It is not uncommon for men to question their testosterone levels throughout their life. If you are or have ever questioned where your testosterone levels are, you are not alone, and we are here to help! Low testosterone is a normal occurrence as we age and can begin as early as young adulthood. Regardless of age, many other factors can contribute to lower levels. Here are the most common signs you can look out for. Experiencing any? Feel free to give us a call to begin the journey to your own personalized treatments that will get you back to feeling your true self!

Common Signs

It is important to know that not ALL men notice the signs and symptoms of low testosterone in the same way. Also, the signs may not be ones that typically first come to mind when you hear “low testosterone” like erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. While these are common signs, nonspecific symptoms such as general fatigue, changes in body composition, and decreased concentration or focus are all common indications that may mean your testosterone is not at its optimal level.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone responsible for sexual function in men. This means low levels are often correlated with a lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction. These signs may appear differently from person to person, ranging from weaker or less frequent erections to lesser performance and drive. While these may be the quickest to catch your attention, they are NOT the only signs you should be looking for.

Testosterone is also responsible for many other non-sexual functions including the control of body composition, bone density, and blood cell production. Low levels can change the body’s control which may trigger decreased energy levels, increased fat distribution, lower muscle mass, and difficulty in focusing during daily activities. Surprised? Do not let low testosterone slow you down and let Nimbus help you become the real you.

What You Can Do

Whether you are experiencing any of these signs, wondering how your age is affecting your body, or are just curious about your current testosterone levels; sign up and receive your Men’s Health & Wellness Test for advanced at-home testing.

There are many prescriptions and supplements on the market today that claim to help people like you; however, while the symptoms improve, the root cause is still negatively affecting your daily life. You deserve optimal hormone levels and a treatment that will work for you personally. Join Nimbus today for affordable personalized medicine!


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