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Get discreet, professional care and genuine prescription medication to your doorsteps.

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The online visit is extremely comprehensive and often provides the licensed...

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About Nimbus Men's Care

Nimbus is a patient-driven telehealth company that focuses on men and all of their healthcare needs. Using technology, Nimbus empowers healthcare providers to deliver high-quality, affordable care when and where men need it most.

For almost as long as there have been doctors, there have been men who are reluctant to go see them. And that avoidance has real consequences. At Nimbus, our goal is to close that gap and get men everywhere the healthcare they deserve at an affordable price.

Our tele-health platform allows men to get care at any time of day, often in just minutes. And they can get that care from anywhere.

The goal of an ambitious man is self-actualization. Having a healthy and optimized body drives new paths for that to happen. Nimbus Men’s Care is centered around the general health needs of men and personalized medicine in every form of treatment.

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Affordable and Convenient Care

The American healthcare system falls short of addressing underlying issues that prevent optimal health and wellness. The U.S. spends the more money than any other developed nation on healthcare and has the least effective healthcare system of any developed nation.

Nimbus goes against the grain. Telemedicine is how we are able to deliver quality, convenient and affordable care. Men are generally reluctant to visit a doctor’s office. We’ve removed the barriers to invite a confidential and personalized treatment program.

Proprietary Nimbus Hair DNA Test for Hair Loss and Alopecia

The Nimbus Hair DNA Test is specific to our telemedicine practice. It is the only DNA test used to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss. With a simple cheek swab, we can analyze your full genetic profile for indicators that affect hair loss.

Using a gene profile analysis, our physicians make personalized prescriptions that address your unique health needs.

High Quality Treatment

We are the first digitally native, fully verticalized multi-condition health platform – providing access to high quality, integrated, personalized care from start-to-finish. Our services are used to best serve our patients with convenience and customized prescriptions:

  • Cloud pharmacy
  • Clinically focused EMR
  • Telemedicine platform
  • Digital prescription

Know that the treatment you receive is backed by cutting edge, science proven methods. Consultations consist of one-on-one appointments with a board-certified physician. They are there to discuss your health concerns, goals, and personally prescribed medicines for treatment.

Personalized Medicine through at Home Testing

The Nimbus Men’s Health Test measures a variety of different hormonal levels to uncover any inefficiencies. It’s a simple finger-prick blood test that measures:

  • Total Testosterone
  • PSA
  • Estradiol
  • FSH
  • LH
  • SHBG
  • Free Testosterone
  • Albumin

Each of these measurements are crucial to providing a personalized medical plan to optimize your hormones.

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Transparent Pricing

Patients deserve to know everything about their healthcare, from how their physician is compensated to where their medication is sourced. Nimbus is committed to providing absolute transparency to put patients back in control of their health.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction at the Source

The conventional approach to ED is to prescribe a pill that only treats the symptoms.

However, ED can be the symptom of a larger issue, like hormonal imbalance.

Nimbus takes a comprehensive approach to evaluate the underlying cause for ED. Confidential and convenient testing means you get personalized treatment.

Personalized Skin Care

Treat your acne and other skin conditions from the convenience of our telemedicine platform.

Treating cold sores and outbreaks can be inconvenient. Our healthcare professionals give you the right medications at the right time. Learn more about your treatment options and how we can help you take care of your skin.

Let’s Get Started

The ability to optimize your health and get the most out of life is now at your fingertips. Take advantage of the ease and affordability of the Nimbus telemedicine system.

To get started, create an account and fill out our medical questionnaire. A board-certified physician will evaluate your information. Physician messaging is available once you have logged in.

You may contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Meet the Experts

Designed and vetted by our team of leading experts in men’s health

Dr. Richard Harris, MD, PharmD, MBA

Nimbus Physician, Integrative & Sports Medicine

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Dr. Philip Oubre, MD

Nimbus Physician, Integrative Medicine Specialist

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Dr.Tobin Lim , MD

Nimbus Physician, Cardiovascular Specialist

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Dr. Jobby John PharmD, FACA

Nimbus Founder, Pharmacist

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We’re very excited about our platform and can’t wait to see the positive impact it has on practitioners and patients across the nation.

Joy Williams

Nimbus platform helped me identify my conditions quickly and helped me connect with qualified providers & pharmacy. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use for all. I would recommend Nimbus to all my friends and family.

Peter Clark

I have personally experienced the Nimbus platform to be extremely helpful in following my progress while on hormone replace- ment therapy. It allows me to keep track of the way I feel during my treatment. It also lets the...

B. Walsh , Austin, TX

The Nimbus platform helps me keep track of my symptoms and also saved me a lot of time by avoiding paperwork at the doctors office. Since starting hormones replacement therapy, I have more energy, weight control, better sex drive and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions, please reach out to or
call (530) 625-8172

Nimbus is a digital healthcare company that provides medical diagnosis and discreet, affordable pharmacy solutions to life's embarrassing (yet common) problems, for both men and women. Nimbus makes it easy to access these solutions when it’s convenient for you, and from the comfort of your home. We all deserve to live our best lives.

We are held to strict standards to ensure our U.S. licensed physicians treat you on a safe and secure PCI compliant website.

Yes absolutely. Nimbus uses medications from Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) and sources active prescription ingredients that are FDA approved.

As of September 2020 we only service Texas

Due to telemedicine laws, a physician has to be licensed in the state where the patient is located. Nimbus’s physicians are licensed in only select states. We’re growing quickly, email so we can provide a solution and expedite treatment to your community.